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Optimized for your workforce.

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The new age WFM solution that brings the best of AutoML, AI and Cloud technologies to forecasting, planning and optimizing workforces.

With FLOW, you will always get the right agent with right skills at right time for every customer.

We understand your world

  • Your need to balance customer demand for rich experience on multiple channels with profitability.
  • You need visibility of data across multiple locations and sources for actionable insights.
  • You need to forecast and plan quickly but accurately to maximize productivity.
  • You need every advantage you can get to define the game.

BPMs today need to evolve their workforce to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations. It’s time to move ahead from traditional WEM solutions.


Reduction in workload coordination can be obtained through Workforce Management Solutions.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Report 2022

Optimize Your Workforce


Connect with everything

We break silos so you can mine rich insights. Wherever your data lives and whichever system you choose to use, we support them all. Grow with a solution that fits your needs, not the other way around.


Forecast with confidence

Infuse your contact center with AutoML to take the guesswork out of forecasting. Find hidden patterns and insights from any length and breadth of data across all customer channels for outputs you can depend upon.

Capacity Planning

Balance cost with customer delight

Find the perfect balance between meeting SLAs and optimal staffing for omnichannel. We help you plan to overcome real-world complexities so that you never have to face a crisis.

Shift Identifier

Plug leakages and elevate productivity

Plan the right number and type of shifts to control your leakages. Take the manual work out of planning shift patterns with ML. Save cost by identifying and addressing scheduling leakages & irregularities.

Rostering and Scheduling

Match the best agent for every customer opportunity

Delight customers on every channel they choose. We help you leverage the power of AI to set up the team for success. Offload administrative tasks to us so that you are free to care for your customers. Allocating the right number of people with right skills at the right time is easy.

WFM Analytics and Dashboard

Create a culture of excellence

Get the insights you need, when you need them and how you need them with customizable, real-time and interactive 360° dashboards. Empower every business user to understand, analyze and compare data and make data-driven decisions. Set and surpass every KPI.


Promote employee satisfaction with shift-bids and boost performance

Equip your employees to bid for preferred shifts and weekly offs. Allow team leaders to accept or swap employee preferences and monitor team scorecards anytime of the day. Empower WFM teams to balance employee satisfaction with profitability.


BPMs that succeed with our WFM system


Leading enterprises trust us with their WFM requirements